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Positioning Systems


 SouthStar is our next-generation underwater positioning system, combining industry-leading precision and robust survey with ease of use and a compact configuration.

SouthStar provides a performance leap over other underwater positioning systems by resorting to an elegant and simple architecture. In target tracking mode, the small tracking device emits a ping which is received by four baseline stations, all precisely synchronized to the same time standard using the GPS timing signal. These ping times of arrival are then sent by each station via radio modem to the control point, where the target location is computed.


Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

  • Extremely precise due to target ranging capability with 1.5cm precision 

  • Very robust positions with no accuracy degradation due to target speed 

  • Easy to use and reliable due to full radio control of all stations 

  • The surface station is wireless connection and can be at any desired location

Target Tracking Mode System Diagram

  1. Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

    All stations receive GPS timing signals (G), giving them a common clock with microsecond accuracy. 

  2. Mobile station (A) pings and baseline stations (B) receive and time these pings. 

  3. Ping arrival times are transmitted via RF modem on buoy mounted relay station (R) to surface station (S). 

  4. Positions are computed and displayed on an electronic map.

 SouthStar Documentation

At this time, Southstar systems are shipped as customized rather than as Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products. Consequently, the system documentation is to some extent user-specific. There are five application-specific system configurations. The following selections provide application examples and contain relevant documentation including operator’s manuals, system component diagrams, journal papers etc. as they are available.

Please review and subsequently contact us to discuss your specific application requirements and obtain a quotation.

Config 1:  Wireless seafloor mounted (long baseline) tracking system, generally for high-precision ROV or tow fish tracking. 

Config 2: Wireless or wired ‘ship-mounted (short baseline) tracking system, generally for ROV or tow fish tracking from moving vessels at a precision less than long baseline. This is a planned configuration, but not yet available. Please contact us if interested. 

Config 3:Wired tracking system, generally for the tank and ship hull inspections. 

Config 4: Precision sea floor-mounted system enabling very high-precision navigation of multiple autonomous vehicles or divers in a defined area. 

Config 5: NetTrack. A speciality configuration making use of Southstar’s 1.5cm ranging precision to dynamically measure the opening geometry and area of trawl nets for sampling purposes. 

RangeNav: A transportable large-area, cabled underwater tracking range for littoral environments.

Technology Readiness

 Product - SouthStar 

Readiness Rating - Beta

Priority Level - Very High

Sales Rating - Unavailable 


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