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What is the "PSAT newsletter"

 A monthly review of studies and research that has been conducted with our PSAT platform known as 'SeaTag'. This platform encompasses six variations of tags each with there own specific research type. This monthly review goes in-depth into real-world research and how our PSAT's are helping inform and change human behaviour, policies and more. If you have a question about our PSAT's, or would like to propose a newsletter topic then please contact us by email at or call +1 (831) 256-1322.

Use of Geomagnetic Anomalies for Precise Geo-localization

Part II:  Welcome back to Glacier Bay! In this next review, we answer common questions such as what are magnetic anomalies? How do you determine a fish position with magnetic fields? Are PSAT's useful for magnetic geolocation?

 Gulf of Alaska
September 2020
 SeaTag - GEO
Pacific Halibut

Fine Scale Geo-Localization of Demersal Fish

Part I:  Nielsen et al. used PSATs to analyse the migration behaviours of Pacific halibut in a marine protected area (MPA) in the Glacier Bay National Park. This helped them determine if fish were able to "find homes" inside the MPA.

 Gulf of Alaska
August 2020
 SeaTag - MOD
Pacific Halibut

Satellite Tags Leap Forward Into the Era of AI

Doukakis et al. used SeaTags to train an algorithm to differentiate living from dead green sturgeons by utilizing physical recovery of re-usable PSATs for a frequency analysis with complete datasets.  The results are paving the way for a new world of archival tag studies!

Read the full paper review here
San Francisco Bay
July 2020
SeaTag - MOD
 Green Sturgeon 

Marine Conservation In Remote Areas

"Leveraging satellite technology to create true shark sanctuaries", a study by Bradley et al. was highlighted in an episode of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, in which Philippe Cousteau explains  the potential of long-reporting solar powered PSAT as a tool to monitor ans safeguard sharks in a sanctuary.

 Republic of the Marshall Islands
March 2019
 SeaTag - LOT
Gray Reef Sharks

Gauging Fish Activity Through Satellite Transmitted Accelerometry

This study by Pohlot et al. revealed the possibility of using PSATs for satellite transmitted animal telemetry in a world where acceleration datasets were believed to be too large for satellite transmission. This new PSAT feature allowed the use of accelerometer data as a tool for studying sailfish behaviour in remote areas.

Eastern Pacific Ocean
 SeaTag - MOD
Pacific Istiophorid Billfish

Post-release Mortality Of Bluefin Tuna

Efficient post-release mortality studies using a temperature gradient observing Pop-off Satellite Archival Tag (P.S.A.T.)

That's One Small Swim for Tunas, One Giant Leap for PSAT's!

Read the full paper review here
U.S. Atlantic Coast
SeaTag - LOT
Atlantic Bluefin Tuna 
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