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High Precision Autonomous Navigation for Swarming AUV and Divers

Operating in navigation (rather than tracking) mode, Southstar effectively implements a high-precision underwater GPS system. As with GPS, any number of platforms(swarming AUV, divers, ROV, etc.) can use the system simultaneously without interfering with each other. Unlike in tracking mode, these platforms carry a small acoustic receiver that detect and time the baseline station pings, providing either ranges, range-differences or 3D position fixes. Thus, these receivers act as precision acoustic position sensors with a ranging precision of 1.5 cm and a 3D positioining accuracy limit (system limit) of about 10 cm.

While the hardware is available, this configuration of Southstar still requires development work by Desert Star. Please contact us for details if you are interested in this configuration.

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SouthStar Acoustic Sensors for small and swarming AUV

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