Past Newsletters

March 2019 - California Requires Ropeless Fishing

It’s been a longtime coming, but the outcome was always very clear. 

The preservation of our world’s oceans, and especially conservation of animals like majestic whales is a higher priority than keeping slightly lower cost crab or lobster on the table for a few more years.  READ MORE

January 2019 - New Year, New Economics

Okay, so you are designing a satellite tagging study. Revealing the distribution of migratory paths of a population, the surrounding water temperature, depth selection, daily activity pattern and incidence of mortality are all possible outside of lab conditions.


End of  2018 Newsletter - New Spawning Detector Tag

In order to best explain the Spawning Detector Tag, I'll break down each topic into questions you should probably be asking. So here we go! 

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War Games; The Path to Commercial Ropeless Fishing in 2020 - December Issue 2018

This month, we’ll review the results and insights from the multi-fisher sea trials or ‘War Games’ this past summer and fall. The lessons learned to draw a path that can support effective and well-monitored ropeless fishing in closure zones as early as the 2020 season. Much here is new, so take a deep breath, open your mind, and come explore with us! 

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Spying on Dolphins; it's not creepy, I promise! - November Issue 2018

Dolphins are pretty intelligent creatures. Sure that's nothing new, but that doesn't mean there's nothing left to discover either.
I want to put some extra focus on Dolphins, not only because they are the dogs of the ocean, but all of the topics in this month's newsletter relate to Dolphins and the marine community at large. 


An Endless Summer of Ropeless Fishing 

While our ARC-1XD system has been used commercially in New South Wales since 2013, this summer is seeing the first fisher involved use in the US, Canadian, and New Zealand waters, fishers tested the ARC-1XD and 2XD models. The aim of these tests is to establish and optimize best practices for commercial use in specific fisheries. As converting fisheries is a community effort, I'll conclude with a brief review of other ropeless fishing systems.   


The Little SeaTag that Could

The Bay of Fundy 2013; Bryan Morse, a researcher at the University of New Brunswick attached a SeaTag-MOD to the back of an American Lobster. Famed for their size and reluctant taste, Mr Morse was interested in time spent in deep and shallow waters by the lobsters. According to schedule, the SeaTag-MOD's popped off one by one and journeyed to the surface to convey the secrets of the American Lobster. Yet, for one SeaTag-MOD, that journey was far from over, for it would voyage three years and 2,800 miles, still intact and useable...


Preventing Whale Entanglements; Pilots in Progress - April Issue 2018

In this edition you'll learn about Ropeless Fishing pilot projects in the works; spanning from North East Canada to Massachusetts and the Pacific North West coast. Valuable experience and tips from the first Ropeless Fishery (New South Wales, Australia) also offer insight into "the bag that saves lives". As well as new gear marking and de-conflicting through the Ropeless Fisher App, which offers fishers and regulators more efficient means of gear marking and visibility.   



Expanding the Freshwater Researchers Toolkit - March Issue 2018

In this issue, you'll learn about research currently being done with Desert Star's SeaTag line and what technological insights and innovations have now enabled the us ofe PSATs in freshwater applications.   


It's Time to Get Serious About Preventing Whale Entanglements - January Issue 2018

It's time to get serious about preventing whale entanglements. In conjunction with continuing support and new innovations in our SeaTag line, Desert Star is also emphasizing the importance of preventing marine mammal entanglements with our ARC-1XD and future ARC-2. Record numbers of cetacean species were entangled last year off the costs of America and Canada's shores.


Charting New Waters in Ocean Technology - December Issue 2017

Among PSAT, SeaTag devices are of course the relative newcomer with first shipments occurring in late 2011. Other PSAT tags such as from Wildlife Computers or Microwave Telemetry have been around since the 1990's.  While SeaTag devices harbor important innovations such asthe use of a magnetometer to obtain more accurate...


SeaTags - September Issue 2017

We are pleased to share a new collaborative research paper, with Pete Klimley, Marco Flagg, and Alex Hearn. For those scientists who practice satellite tracking of aquatic animals with archival tags, the positions of the animals when underwater are estimated from irradiance and sea surface temperature.  


A Letter From Our CEO - August Issue 2017

Welcome to the Desert Star Log!

Ocean technology and exploration is an enduring passion of both the Desert Star team and myself.  This passion has led me through many an adventure (and misadventure!) from the moment when I encountered the ice wall of giant Mt. Erebus while diving under the ice in Antarctica...


The White Shark Cafe Camera - August Issue 2016

We at Desert Star hope you are having a fantastic summer! It has been a while, but we are bringing back our newsletter! This month will be featuring some current research utilizing our SeaTag-MOD technology, followed by some upcoming conferences that DSS representatives will be attending!  


PSAT Workshop at AFS (Mark & Tim at NOAA) - January Issue 2016

Hello Everyone,  
This will be a short Newsletter. I am helping spread the word on a potential workshop at the American Fisheries Society (AFS) annual meeting. Mark Renkawitz and Timothy Sheehan from NOAA asked... 


Dive with Desert Star - July Issue 2015

This is Mike Smith II of Desert Star Systems, a change-up in Newsletter authors this month. We are inviting 3 more people to join our "Dive with Desert Star" event:

User experience BETA testing

Catered BBQ (provided)

Product focus group

Story-telling about a great white shark attack (By Desert Star's CEO)

If you'd like to see how we have improved the SeaTag user experience (automated data processing, for example) be sure to check out Part 2 of the July Newsletter which we are releasing in August! Or come diving with us, enjoy some BBQ and meet the team.


Tracking Halibut & Monkfish w/Pop-up Satellite Tags - March Issue 2015

 This months newsletter highlights one of Sea-Tags unique capabilities; tracking demersal commercial species. Tracking fish in the absence of light is considerably more difficult, requires a significant amount of time to develop the appropriate methods, and is quite novel...