Past Newsletters

Preventing Whale Entanglements; Pilots in Progress - April Issue

In this edition you'll learn about Ropeless Fishing pilot projects in the works; spanning from North East Canada to Massachusetts and the Pacific North West coast. Valuable experience and tips from the first Ropeless Fishery (New South Wales, Australia) also offer insight into "the bag that saves lives". As well as new gear marking and de-conflicting through the Ropeless Fisher App, which offer fishers and regulators more efficient means of gear marking and visibility. 


Expanding The Freshwater Researchers Toolkit - March Issue

In this issue you'll learn about research currently being done with Desert Star's SeaTag line and what technological insights and innovations have now enabled the use PSATs in freshwater applications. 


It's Time to get serious about preventing whale entanglements - January Issue

It's time to get serious about preventing whale entanglements. In conjunction with continuing support and new innovations in our SeaTag line, Desert Star is also emphasizing the importance of preventing marine mammal entanglements with our ARC-1XD and future ARC-2. Record numbers of cetacean species were entangled last year off the costs of America and Canada's shores.