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Ropeless Fisher™ - Offshore

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The Ropeless Fisher Offshore™ Ranging release starter system includes:

(1) ARC-1XD - Ranging acoustic release with individual and broadcast release modes. Best used in deeper/high current waters, especially for offshore use. The ARC-1XD can provide status information without triggering a release and works with the public broadcast code system.
Service difficulty: Extremely easy.
Battery lifetime: 50 release cycles or one year, whichever comes first.
Release mechanism: Nickel chromium burn wire seated between two titanium burn posts with lever arm.
Expected lifetime: 10-15 years.
(1) STM-3 - Deck Box For Ranging Releases
Deck Box includes a tested integrated tablet/pc running DB-ARC Control Software.
(1) ARC Accessory Kit
ARC Accessory Kit includes 3/32" Allen wrench, 5/64" hex screwdriver, Xcelite wire cutter and spool of Nickel Chromium wire.
(2) ARC Cartridge Replacement System (Optional)
Acoustic Release Upgraded with a Titanium Release Cartridge plus a swap-out spare for each release. Designed for re-arming while working on a boat or vessel at sea.
(1) Thru-hull transducer - Directional transducer for mounting in the hull of the ship. Includes a hull mounting kit.
(1) Over-the-side transducer - Omni-directional transducer for testing and diagnosis.
(1) 80-Fathom Release Bag containing two 8" hard floats, 7.1 lbs buoyancy. 480ft of 3/8" diameter polysteel rope. Includes instructions a guidelines for building additional bags using materials that can be easily sourced from a local hardware store.
(1) Ropeless Fisher App™ - Virtual gear marking solution. Available for android smartphones and tablets.
(1) Comprehensive Getting Started Guide

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