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The SeaTag-LOT Special Pricing is Explained Below

Call for SeaTag-LOT Batch Order

This call-out is for a qty 1000 production run of  SeaTag-LOT  offered at a price of $499 per tag.  SeaTag-LOT is a simple but very capable  Argos pop-up satellite tag optimized for large scale stock assessments and mortality studies. While a recent design, SeaTag-LOT capabilities have been validated by multiple published studies as linked below. SeaTag-LOT capabilities include migratory track estimation using light and sea surface temperature (provided by CLS Track&Loc processing at additional charge),  mortality detection using an efficient temperature gradient approach , daily summaries, and pop-up positions.   Solar powered with post-pop-up satellite reporting endurance of several months to years, the tag has also proven  ideal for ocean drifter studies such as related to juvenile hawksbill turtles .   Its small size and low-drag design  compares favorably to other PSAT  and makes this tag in particular suitable for tagging small animals. The long reporting endurance also supports specialized studies not possible with battery powered tags;  in one published study  leading to a hypothesis of a high incidence of of illegal shark fishing in a pacific islands sanctuary.

How to Participate

Please contact Jacob Wolf by February 28, 2019 to state your interest in a given number of these tags.  This can be as little as one to as many as 1000 tags or more.   Independent of the quantity required, the per unit price will be $499 or otherwise as specified below.  Participation at this stage  does not  require you to place an order, it is only a statement of interest.                     Contact

Final Pricing

Following the end of the open enrollment period on February 28th, we will tabulate the results.   Based on the interest, the final price will be established as follows:
  • If total demand is for 1000 tags or more, the price per tag will be $499
  • If total demand is 250-999 tags, the price per tag will be $649
  • If total demand is 50-249 tags, the price per tag will be $799
  • If total demand is 1-49 tags, the price per tag will be $899

Notification and Order

You will be notified of the final pricing by March 4th, 2019.  You now have until March 31st, 2019 to place your order at the stated  guaranteed price.  The order terms will be 50% at time of order and 50% prior to tag delivery.

Tag Delivery

The production run will start in early April, and tag delivery for all participants is scheduled for July 2019.

As with much modern research, realistic and relevant marine animal studies are requiring a larger sample size than has traditionally been practices with satellite tags. Yet, tagging budgets remain constraint.   Our aim is that this batch manufacturing strategy will help you launch your next research project.   I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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