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Spawning Detection


    • Built on the reliable, powerful SeaTag 3D platform (ARGOS, Temperature, Depth, Light, Geomagnetic Navigation)
    • Used in conjunction with tiny JSATS pinger implanted in fish ovary
    • Tag detects the pinger signal until it is ejected in a spawning event
    • When the signal is lost, the Seatag-3DS pops up at the spawning location
Quantity Unit price (USD)
1 to 9 2800
10 to 29 2520
30 to 49 2240
50+ 1960

Implanting  an ATS acoustic transmitter in the oviduct of a female sablefis h, Anoplopoma fimbria 

Fish released with detector/pinger

(SeaTag-MOD prototype--the 3DS is smaller!)

Pinger "laid" in spawning event

Loss of contact--tag releases

Pops up at spawning location!

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