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Bottom Stowed Release Bag 

For use with Ropeless Fishing Systems

Easy to adapt. Low-cost. Easy to Build.

The bottom stowed release bag is one critical component in any Desert Star Ropeless Fishing System. The bag holds coiled rope within a hard plastic oyster mesh material. The top is held shut by a release cord, which is held in place by the lever of an ARC. Upon triggering an ARC to release, the release cord will loose tension. Positive buoyancy from hard floats within the bag will cause the top to open. Retrieval of gear is therefore unchanged from traditional methods. 

Below you will find instruction on designing, building, quality checking, and testing your very own bottom stowed release bag. A large portion of the material here reflects the New South Wales style bag, yet advice and things to look out for should be considered for all designs. 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Building a Release Bag


Steve Rosskelly walks you through producing a New South Wales style bottom stowed release bag. 

Preventing Snags


Marco Flagg covers several aspects of a design that may cause snags of rope, and how to prevent them. 

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Attachment to a trap


Steve Rosskelly quickly demonstrates how he attaches his release bags to traps. 

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