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SeaTag-S.A.M. Models

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Stock Assessment and Mortality in High Samples  

PSAT is a powerful technology to gain high-resolution insights on the life history of individual animals. Building on experience we have gained with our high capability SeaTag-MOD, collaboration with our researcher partners and over 1800 tag deliveries, we have now optimized the S.A.M. tags specifically for effective stock assessment, mortality studies and other applications in fisheries management.

S.A.M. Design Benefits

Solar and Battery Powered

Reporting and data gathering for extended duration.

 Quick burst Release

Tags are re-usable, release mechanism is quick, reliable and replaceable within minutes. 



Avoid impeding natural fish behavior with a low-drag, low-stress design. 

S.A.M. Models



From $899

 Qty 1-49
  • Stock Assessment 
  • Light and Temperature 
  • Dispersal/Ocean Current Studies
  • Mortality Studies



From $1350

 Qty 1-9
  •  Precision Migratory Tracks
  •  3-axis magnetometer, Light, Temperature
  •  Same size and design as the LOT
  •  Ideal for migratory Studies



From $2000

Qty 1-9
  •  Precision Migratory Tracks
  • 3-axis magnetometer, Light, Temperature, Depth
  • Vertical Habitat Utilization 
  • Specialized Studies

Relevant Software


Create a position track ready for publication by using the data collected by SeaWatch and processed by SeaConvert. 

Download | Tutorial


Automatically download and process the data collected by the SeaTags and transmitted to the Argos Satellites.

Download | Tutorial


Convert .drl files into .csv bundles, a collection of .csv spreadsheets that contain processed packet information.

Download | Tutorial

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