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Virtual Gear Marking and Smarter Practices for Rope-less Fishing

Marine entanglement in commercial pot fishing gear has been a concern for many for several decades. Recently, around the United States, on both the Pacific West Coast, and North East Atlantic Coast, entanglement rates have never been as high as they were in 2016. In response to this growing problem, Desert Star developed the worlds only fully-functional rope-less fishing system in 2011 named the ARC-1XD (and the just as capable but cheaper 2nd generation ARC-2XD). In recent months Desert Star has begun exploring Early Adopter programs for fishermen in North East Canada and the West Coast (from Washington to California). One common concern about implementing rope-less fishing is in the possibility of gear overlay and identifying traps without the presence of surface buoys. Through common technology already found in nearly every commercial fishing vessel or fishermen pocket, this problem can be solved for no cost to fisheries. The solution is simple an App which logs trap deployment locations then displays those location to other passing fishermen at pre-determined distances and to regulators at all distances. 

 Avoid Gear Overlay

 Map and list view mitigates any unintentional gear overlay among all fishermen. 

 Regulators See All

Only federal and state regulators can see all traps, at all times, from any location. 

 Free for Everyone

 Free for android, IOS, PC and MAC, any fisher or regulator can use Rope-less Fisher.

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Screen Shots from the Android Version of Rope-less Fisher


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Common Questions

Avoid Gear Overlay - The Rope-less fisher app was born through the idea of making sure traps with no surface buoys can still be seen by other fishermen and regulators alike. Through the app, each deployed trap has a marked GPS location which is stored and updated to a cloud database when in cell-phone/wifi reach. The app then lists each trap deployment through a list or map view which indicates if a trap is near and whether or not a fishermen should lay traps in that location given nearby traps. 

Common Questions

Question: Can every fishermen's trap be seen by any other fisher? 

Response: Yes and no. First when deploying a trap the fisher has the choice to determine at what distance it may be seen from. For example, Fisher A deploys trap 357 at location X. Fisher A then sets the visibility range to 1 mile (or any distance which can be programmed to fishery regulations or other). Fisher B then comes along to set his trap 123 at location X. Fisher B will ONLY see Fisher A's trap if he is at or within 1 mile of the trap. Anytime Fisher B is outside of 1 mile from trap 357 then he will not see Fisher A's trap. 

Question: What about regulators? 

Response: Regulators must go through a verification process in order to obtain a regulator profile. Regulator profiles have special privileges which fishermen profiles do not. Regulator profiles may see all traps deployed from any fisher at anytime and distance (from shore!). Aside from the Rope-less fisher app, regulators also have the ability to deploy rope-less traps for inspection purposes. 

Question: How is gear identified? 

Response: With our app and the ARC-1XD/ARC-2XD technology there are two methods. First, the Rope-less fisher app requires identifying information for each and every trap deployed. Secondly, the use of an ARC means each acoustic release is identifiable by regulators by acoustic pings to the trap.

Regulators See All

As previously mentioned, regulators (with the Rope-less Fisher app) will have the ability to see all trap locations from any distance. This means significantly reduced cost for regulators by mitigating the coast of boating expenses. This also means more time available to concentrate resources since regulators no longer have to guess or go to trap locations as often. 

Free for Everyone

The Rope-less Fisher app is and will always be free of charge for anyone who wishes to download it. The app is also available on android and will soon be available on other platforms including iOS, Mac, PC, and linux.