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May 2020 - Affordability Of High Capability Wildlife Studies

Cost is often the largest hindrance to satellite tagging studies. How can a relevant sample size be obtained in order to produce a statistically meaningful study? In a world of competitive science and frequently constrained budgets the solution is not only technological innovation but also economic innovation. Learn more about the economic innovation offered by SeaTags™ and SonarPoint™ Hydrophone Recorders.

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April 2020 - Acoustic Arrays For Sound Source Localization

  Sound source arrays work by obtaining a precisely time-synchronized acoustic recording from three or more hydrophone locations. By using the difference in which the sound is received by each recording location it is possible to accurately determine where a sound source originated along with directional heading and speed.

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March 2020 - Satellite Tags For The Dynamic Management Of Sea Turtles

In the management of sea turtles and other at risk species we are suffering from a sparsity of sensors. This leaves our wildlife and fisheries managers often guessing to make decisions that effectively mitigate risk to animals while limiting impact on fishing, shipping and other activities at sea.  Argos satellite tags can be a powerful tool to inform decision making.

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Special Edition - The Economics of Ropeless Fishing

Presented By Marco Flagg 
Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada 
Gear Innovation Summit 2020
Halifax, Nova Scotia
February 11-12

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