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Updating your firmware

 Before you connect your microMARS to the computer, download SeaDock for your computer            

micromars dock      Firmware                       

  1. Make sure the microMARS is connected to the computer

  2. Click on the communication tab and you will see a drop down menu with comm port on it, from there you will select the comm port where you have a the USB to micro USB cord attached to the microMARS

  3. From that same tab “communications” you will pull up the Raw Comms window

  4. Once you see on the green side that the message is repeating you will know that the device is connected and you can move to the next step.

  5. Look for the “tag” tab and at the bottom of the drop down window and update firmware will be there, locate the firmware I have supplied you with and select it.

  6. You will see a small bar travel across the bottom with the message updating firmware, once that has completed you have updated the firmware.

  7. Confirm that the firmware has been updated on your microMARS DOCK software

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