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Release sections can go off prematurely if proper care is not taken. Ensure that the tag did not lose its clock before plugging one in!

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Safety Tips

Plug in your tag before attaching the release section to confirm the release date matches the release date that you desired for your mission. This will prevent the release section from releasing prematurely.

The capacitor (stored energy) can run so low that the tag will lose its internal clock calibration. When this happens a problem can arise when attaching the battery release section that is undesired to say the least. If the capacitor runs out of energy or is discharged the tag's clock will return to 1/1/1970 00:00:00. When a battery section is now plugged in, the capacitor will fill up with energy enough to start up the boot loader sequence. When the tag runs through its settings and notices that the clock was lost, it will assume that it was in a mission and may have valuable data on it ending the mission. This clock loss setting results in a 'mission end' and triggers the release.


An increased sampling rate (high resolution data collection) will drain the tag’s energy more quickly. We suggest reading the battery consumption FAQ to determine how long the tag will last in complete darkness before losing its clock.

If the connector end of the tag comes in contact with water or moisture it will short circuit causing the capacitor to drain instantly resulting in clock loss.

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If a piece of wire or metal was to come in contact with specific pins (shown to the right Pin 1 and 7) it will cause a short circuit resulting in clock loss. 

Shorting the tag is not harmful to the hardware, but it can erase the clock settings

Make sure to check that your mission end date is after your mission start date. Double check the dates selected on the calendars because clock loss can change the settings. Below is an example of a release date setting that would trigger an immediate release.

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