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DiveTracker Scout

Product Description

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 Years ago, we developed the DiveTracker as a buddy locator; the goal was to be able to return to your buddy when you wanted to re-group. The DiveTracker Scout began an evolution of typical underwater tasks such as marking of underwater objects, recovery of underwater instrumentation and vehicles, general diver navigation, and emergency pingers for divers. The chief attractions of the DiveTracker are ease of use, low cost and operational reliability due to their simplicity. The SCOUT set consists of two components, a transmitter and a receiver. Using the indicators on the receiver, a diver can easily return to any location or object marked with a transmitter. An added benefit is any number of receivers can be used with one transmitter, allowing a group of divers to use the system.

Easy Diver Navigation in a Small Package

 The DiveTracker SCOUT is a small, easy to use, and inexpensive. The SCOUT receiver is not much larger than a magic marker, and its convenient size won’t get in the way of your other dive gear. Attach it to a D-ring of your B/C and you’ll hardly know it’s there! The SCOUT uses a simple 2-color LED distance scale light to indicate both distance and direction. Sweep it around until the strongest signal is found. They will begin flashing slowly but as you progress nearer to the transmitter the frequency of flashing will increase.

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  • If red – 300 to 1,000 feet away 

  • If a combination of red and green – 100 to 300 feet 

  • If green – less than 100 feet away

Proven Technology & Manufacturing to Navigate with Ease

 The DiveTracker SCOUT housings are injected molded plastics supplied with an O-ring groove. The see-through housing allows people to look at what makes the unit operate: a circuit board attached to a transducer potted in the housing with epoxy. It appears simple, but packs a big punch to be very effective to navigate divers in the open waters! Place in the battery, seal the top with the endcap, put in the set pin, and turn the unit on with the magnetic lanyard and you’re set to go diving!

This product is built to last, and the only regular servicing it needs are the maintenance of replacing the O-rings and also battery replacement. The SCOUT transmitter uses any off-the-shelf 9V battery, but you should only use a 14250 SAFT 3.6V battery with the receiver (available through Desert Star Systems).

Technology Readiness 

 Product -  DiveTracker-Scout 

Readiness Rating - Mission Verified 

Priority Level - Low

Sales Rating - C.O.T.S.


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