A Complete Ropeless Fishing System

Commercial Use Since 2012

The only tried and true Ropeless Fishing System using pop-up buoys on demand.  Featuring a robust, yet adaptable and reliable design for every  fisherman around the globe. 

Featuring Two Ropeless Fishing Systems:

Ropeless Fisher Offshore™  &  Ropeless Fisher Coastal™

Ropeless Fishing systems designed to work with your style of fishing

Offshore, Inshore, Near Coastal, Singles, Doubles, Triples or Trawling

Individual Release mode is designed so only one release is triggered (by serial number) when activated, allowing for fishing in high currents or hauling and re-deploying the fishing gear before moving on to the next.

Broadcast Release mode will trigger the release of all your traps once within range to allow for hauling and re-baiting as you move along down the line.

All systems have fisher specific ID code so only YOUR traps will trigger and not other Ropeless Fishers in the area.

Use the free Ropeless Fisher App for Android devices to track where your gear is located and avoid overlaying other ropeless fishers in the area. Featuring user specified visibility radius. 

- Scroll below to learn more about the free Ropeless Fisher App & learn how to build a release bag.

Which system is best for you?


$9,995 .00 USD

Includes one deck box and one acoustic release to get started.
  • Featuring an ARC-1XD Acoustic Release & STM-3 Deck Box
  • Depth Rated to 300 meters
  • Titanium & Delrin construction to withstand the harshest environments
  • Use Individual Release for fishing in high currents or Broadcast Release 


$ 4,950 .00 USD

Includes one deck box and one acoustic release to get started.
  • Featuring an ARC-2 Acoustic Release & STM-4 Deck Box
  • Depth rated to 300 meters
  • Titanium & CPVC construction
  • Capable of Broadcast Release for easy operation with the flick of a switch

View the brochure

Take a look at how Ropeless Fisher™ works, its various components, common concerns/questions and much more. In this brochure, you can look forward to a complete guide to understanding the fundamental aspects and developments of Ropeless Fisher™. 


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Acoustic Release

The release mechanism which sits on the side of a release bag. Trigger a release remotely via a sonar transducer. The ARC release mechanism triggers and releases within fractions of a second and is re-armed in less than one minute. 


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Release Bag

Create your own or buy a kit. This hard oyster mesh bag holds coiled rope and buoys until the ARC is triggered for a release. Upon the triggering event, the release cord will give way and positive buoyancy from the hard floats will cause the bag to open. 


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Virtual Gear Marking

The Ropeless Fisher App™ allows for free virtual gear marking to avoid gear overlay. A fisher simply presses a button and the app logs GPS coordinates. You can also set a "visibility radius", if someone is outside of it, they cannot see your gear locations. 


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