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Ropeless Fishing Breakfast Series

A weekly newsletter series meant to engage fishers in a discussion about ropeless fishing. Each week a new topic is sent out and discussed over breakfast. Discover a new way to fish with bottom stowed rope and pop-up buoys on demand.

Ropeless Fishing Proves Successful In Cape Town & California Is Ready For 2021

22-December-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

South Africa is the just latest jurisdiction to demonstrate, ropeless technology is ready and commercially viable and is a very effective solution to prevent entanglements while preserving a fishery.

Less gear loss, greater catch protection, increased fishing season, and ZERO whale entanglements. That's my new definition of a WIN-WIN situation heading into the 2021 fishing season!

Tools for Conservation Management and Commercial Engagement

18-November-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

Discover the latest tools for conservation management including instructional video tutorials for methods of ropeless fishing. Ropeless fishing has been used globally for commercial pot trap fishing since 2012. Discover how ropeless fishing can work for your fishery.

Re-arm an ARC with a Cartridge Replacement System

26-JULY-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

Not all days are sunny and calm and yet the work must go on. Are you fishing in very cold waters and wearing thick gloves? Re-arming an ARC with the new cartridge system is fast and simple even in rough seas. Watch the video tutorial demonstrating the cartridge replacement system and let us know if there are more ways ropeless fishing can help your harvest operations.

Efficient Operations Using Pop-up Buoys On Demand

25-JUNE-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

The speed of Ropeless Fishing depends on the level of your experience. We've heard from you and we are listening. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Some common feedback we received are concerns about work speed and operation of ropeless gear. For that reason, this newsletter includes a worksheet designed to help you determine what speed of operation you can expect when learning to use ropeless gear.

"Whale Safe" Consumer Labels

21-JUNE-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

Consumers are not only willing to pay more for sustainable seafood sourced from ethical fishing practices, but they seek it out. They are searching for it on their smartphones when grocery shopping and choosing restaurants. If ropeless fishers can supply shellfish to markets with a Whale Safe status supported by consumer guides you may very well have shoppers lining up and demanding "Here, take my money!".

Business Advantages Of Going Ropeless

07-JUNE-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

This week let's explore the practical business advantages that real fishers are experiencing while using Ropeless Fishing Gear:

Preventing ship strikes, stop poaching/thieves, no more weather damage, fewer engine hours, & the capability of fishing in higher currents are some of the benefits for commercial pot trap fishermen. 

Buoys Vs. High Tidal Currents

31-MAY-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

Offshore harvesters often have difficulty dealing with strong currents or may even spend engine hours checking on submerged buoys to determine if they can be hauled. Many fishermen have even mastered the art of grappling for submerged buoys in those strong tides. On the other hand, some fishermen have learned to save time by using bottom stowed rope with pop-up buoys on demand.

A Ropeless System & How It Works

24-MAY-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

High Reliability and Tested Performance!

Since 2012, it is the only acoustic release to be used in commercial ropeless fishing where it has accumulated tens of thousands of release cycles. Made from titanium hardware and long lasting delrin housing material, the ARC is an investment that has PROVEN to endure decades.

Small Boat Operations & Ropeless Fishing Gear

17-MAY-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

What about the small business fishermen who have been fishing for generations? Are you a fisherman who is working alone on a small boat, operating inshore or near coastal areas? Learn more about the fisher optimized system designed specifically for you, called the ARC-2 Broadcast Release System.

Speed of Ropeless Fishing Vs. Static Buoys

10-MAY-2020  Read The Newsletter Here

Not many professional athletes are ready to compete at the highest level the first time they learn how to play the game. The old adage "practice makes perfect" is especially true for ropeless fishers. We've heard from you and we are listening. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Some common feedback we've received are concerns about the speed of ropeless fishing. In this newsletter we created a worksheet for you to estimate your speed of operation using the ARC-1XD Individual Release System. How do you stack up?