All software on this page is free-to-use and specific to Desert Star Systems products. If you are in the need of older software version please contact us!

Data Packet Definition - DOWNLOAD
Used by all SeaTag software to define operating parameters. 

SeaWatch - Download

Used to download and process the data collected by the SeaTags via transmission to the ARGOS satellites. Outside of ARGOS, SeaWatch is the fundamental software for data recovery. The function of this software is to retrieve data from the ARGOS website by registering for data packets every hour (Internet connection is required). Once the packets are received, SeaWatch then arranges the data to where the files are comprehensible for each tag. This program also removes duplicate data packets to avoid downloading repetitive data. SeaWatch is already programmed on the computer provided in the starter kit. 

SeaTrack - Download

Used to create position tracks using data collected by SeaWacth. Using Seatrack, the collected positions that are derived from the magnetic field intensity and noontime values can be refined by setting data parameters and filtering the outliers, thus producing measurable data. 

SeaDock - Download

Program used to communicate with the psychical tag.

SeaConvert - Download

Program that is used to convert .drl files to .csv bundles.