Marine Wildlife Tags

A whole new world of research at your fingertips

Fresh&Salt Water Use

Our kinetic release payload section allows use in any water system. SeaTag's are also designed with a non-species specific approach in order to maximize cost-optimization and therefore provide the highest sample size possible. 

Solar Panels

Wrap-around solar panels for uniform 360-degree light detection, months and even years of reporting times after pop-off for maximum data recovery and maximum opportunity for physical recovery.

Minimal Drag

Less drag means better tag retention and compatibility with smaller and faster species.

Evidence-Based Tracks

 SeaTag yields entirely transparent and defensible direct-measured positions based on the simple intersection of magnetic field intensity for latitude and robust light measurements for longitude. 

Tag Families

 SAM from

$ 499 .00

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  • 3 Tag Models
  • For stock assessment and mortality studies
  • Quantity discounts 
  • Extended Warranty Offered 

TT from

$ 499 .00

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  • 2 Tag Models
  • For penguins, sea turtles and more
  •  Ready to use out of the box 
  •  No Warranty Offered

MOD/Spawning from

$ 1750 .00

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  • Several custom options
  • Best of behavioral studies 
  •  Re-usable and robust
  •  Extended WaOffered Ofered